How to configure Kiali to fit your needs.

Authentication Strategies

Choosing and configuring the appropriate authentication strategy.

Custom Dashboards

Configuring additional, non-default dashboards.

Istio Environment

Kiali’s default configuration matches settings present in Istio’s installation configuration profiles. If you are customizing your Istio installation some Kiali settings may need to be adjusted. Also, some Istio management features can be enabled or disabled selectively.

Namespace Management

Configuring the namespaces accessible and visible to Kiali.

Prometheus, Jaeger and Grafana

Prometheus and Jaeger are primary data sources for Kiali. This page describes how to configure Kiali to communicate with these dependencies. A minimalistic Grafana integration is also available.

Role-based access control

Configuring RBAC based on the authentication strategy.

Traffic Health

Customizing Health for Request Traffic.

Virtual Machine workloads

Ensuring Kiali can visualize a VM WorkloadEntry.